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Louisiana Law of Security Devices, A Précis

Louisiana Law of Security Devices, A Précis book jacket View Table of Contents and Introductory Material

Louisiana Law of Security Devices, A Précis

Second Edition

by Michael Rubin

2017 $49.00 408 pp paper

Tags: Business/Finance Law, Louisiana A Précis, Statutory Interpretation

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Mike Rubin’s numerous writings on security devices are often cited as authoritative by state and federal courts. The latest edition of his Précis, written in plain English, provides a readily-understandable overview of Louisiana’s unique laws on mortgage, suretyship, lease financing, the Deficiency Judgment Act, the Private Works Act, and traps for the unwary under Louisiana’s version of U.C.C. art. 9. Much more than a mere overview, however, it also contains an in-depth discussion of each of these areas, accompanied by numerous examples that concisely illustrate the rules and concepts. Completely updated to reflect legislative and jurisprudential changes, this book is a must-have. 

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