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Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law

A Context and Practice Casebook

Second Edition

by David Schwartz, Lori Ringhand

Forthcoming May 2017


Forthcoming Teacher's Manual

Tags: Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law: A Context and Practice Casebook, Second Edition, offers comprehensive coverage without backbreaking bulk, and allows you to teach constitutional law your own way, without having to fight the book.  Using its unique electronic “Expansion Pack” system of supplemental modules, you can customize your course while still following the book’s structure.  That structure is streamlined into five parts of two chapters each, which cover all the essential doctrines of Constitutional Law.  The book can be used for any general Con Law course, whether offered in the first semester or later, and whether it covers governmental structure, individual rights, or both. Its comprehensive Teacher’s Manual provides succinct but thorough answers for all discussion questions and offers useful guidance for new adopters and first-time Constitutional Law teachers. 

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