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Tackling the Texas Essays

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Tackling the Texas Essays

Efficient Preparation for the Texas Bar Exam

by Catherine Martin Christopher

2018 $35.00 282 pp paper

Tags: Bar Exam

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The Texas bar exam is a unique animal. It's longer than most other bar exams in the nation, but it's more predictable than many other exams. And a predictable exam can be prepared for. This book will help you prepare for the essay portion of the Texas bar exam. It will teach you how to approach an essay question and craft a well-organized and thorough answer under intense time pressure. There is subject-specific advice for each topic tested on the Texas essays. Most importantly, the book will teach you how to study for the Texas essays — how to write practice questions and learn the law while doing so. Additional elements:

  • Explain the format, grading, and frequently tested topics on the Texas bar exam essays;
  • Help students learn to self-assess practice questions by comparing their work to model and sample answers; and
  • Provide short summaries of frequently tested black-letter law for last-minute learning of the black-letter law.

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