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Civil Procedure Titles

Civil Procedure Titles

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Civil Claim Settlement Laws jacket

Civil Claim Settlement Laws: An Electronic Casebook

by Jeffrey Parness
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2013, electronic media, ISBN: 978-1-59460-778-3 $30.00, Student Price $30.00 Available on Kindle

Civil Procedure jacket

Civil Procedure, Fifth Edition

by Larry L. Teply, Ralph U. Whitten
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2013, 1196 pp, casebound, ISBN: 978-1-61163-074-9 $110.00

Civil Procedure jacket

Civil Procedure: Cases, Text, Notes, and Problems, Third Edition

by Larry L. Teply, Ralph U. Whitten, Denis F. McLaughlin
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2013, 832 pp, casebound, ISBN: 978-1-61163-357-3 $95.00 Teacher's Manual available

Civil Procedure for All States jacket

Civil Procedure for All States: A Context and Practice Casebook

by Benjamin V. Madison, III
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2010, 378 pp, casebound, ISBN: 978-1-59460-510-9 $57.00 Teacher's Manual available

Critical Procedure jacket

Critical Procedure

by Roy L. Brooks
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1998, 254 pp, hardback, ISBN-10: 0-89089-693-3, ISBN: 978-0-89089-693-8 $35.00

Florida Civil Procedure jacket

Florida Civil Procedure: Cases and Materials, Second Edition

by Juan Ramirez, Jose M. Rodriguez
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2014, 998 pp, casebound, ISBN: 978-1-61163-293-4 $115.00 2015 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

German Civil Justice jacket

German Civil Justice

by Peter L. Murray, Rolf H. StürnerForthcoming February 2015, 712 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-61163-770-0 $70.00

German Civil Justice jacket

German Civil Justice

by Peter L. Murray, Rolf H. Stürner
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2004, 712 pp, jacketed hardback, ISBN-10: 1-59460-003-1, ISBN: 978-1-59460-003-6 $70.00

Introducing Discovery into Civil Law jacket

Introducing Discovery into Civil Law: A Comprehensive Study of Discovery Through Comparative Civil Procedure

by Kuo-Chang Huang
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2003, 440 pp, hardback, ISBN-10: 0-89089-355-1, ISBN: 978-0-89089-355-5 $60.00

Law, Science and Experts jacket

Law, Science and Experts: Civil and Criminal Forensics

by William S. Bailey, Terence J. McAdam
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2014, 358 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-61163-188-3 $80.00 2015 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Learning Civil Procedure jacket

Learning Civil Procedure

by David A. Dittfurth
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2007, 410 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-0-89089-554-2 $45.00

Mastering Civil Procedure jacket

Mastering Civil Procedure, Second Edition

by David Charles Hricik
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2011, 672 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-59460-988-6 $44.00 Available on Kindle

Outsourcing Justice jacket

Outsourcing Justice: The Rise of Modern Arbitration Laws in America

by Imre Szalai
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2013, 296 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-61163-202-6 $35.00 Available on Kindle

Starting Off Right in Civil Procedure jacket

Starting Off Right in Civil Procedure

by Carolyn J. Nygren
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1999, 72 pp, paper, ISBN-10: 0-89089-875-8, ISBN: 978-0-89089-875-8 $16.00

The Louisiana Civilian Experience jacket

The Louisiana Civilian Experience: Critiques of Codification in a Mixed Jurisdiction

by Vernon Valentine Palmer
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2005, 304 pp, paper, ISBN-10: 1-59460-060-0, ISBN: 978-1-59460-060-9 $35.00

The Right to Civil Defense in Torts jacket

The Right to Civil Defense in Torts

by Alan Calnan
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2013, 204 pp, casebound, ISBN: 978-1-61163-402-0 $40.00

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